About Us

ACI Clean Energy began operations in 2013 with the purpose of efficiently and safely harnessing the abundant natural and renewable resources available in our ecosystem. We have commissioned a state of the art facility in Maharashtra to manufacture solid bio-fuels (pellet fuel) from wood and agricultural waste.

Pellet fuels are seeing rapid adoption in many commercial and industrial settings due to their many advantages, both for the end user and the environment. Consumers are able to unlock greater value from their business by replacing higher cost conventional fuels with economical pellet fuel, while helping to lower emissions of greenhouse gases.

ACI Clean Energy strives to deliver the most consistent and high quality product in the market. Our manufacturing facility ensures stringent quality control, providing pellet fuel with a high calorific value and low ash content.

Going forward, we aim to scale up the usage and awareness of solid bio-fuel derived applications for a range of different users. Our product can be tailored to suit the specific needs of companies, providing complete fuel-replacement solutions.

Our Mission


Our mission at ACI Clean Energy is to provide significant benefits to all our stakeholders, not just creating economic value but striving to deliver environmentally friendly products and services of the highest quality in a reliable and efficient way. Our vision is to be the performance leader in the burgeoning clean energy sector of India, by achieving operational excellence and customer satisfaction, while addressing the critical energy and environmental challenges we face in a sustainable manner.