Industrial Pellets Pellet Fuel

ACI Clean Energy is also the premier manufacturer of Industrial Pellets in the country. We are supplying our pellet fuel for use in a variety of industrial boilers. We pride ourselves on providing an industrial pellet that is an economical and efficient alternative to briquettes and coal. Given our emphasis on quality our industrial pellets have the lowest ash content and most consistent GCV in comparison to other industrial pellet manufacturers. Our Industrial pellets are made from a mix of renewable agro waste and wood waste.

Benefits of Industrial Pellets over Briquettes:

  • Calorific Value : The Pellets having higher calorific value than briquettes , generate higher steam output per unit fuel burning compared to briquettes.
  • Low Ash Content : Lower ash content in Pellets result in higher thermal efficiency compared to briquettes
  • Low Moisture content : Low moisture content of pellets help in giving consistenet heat value while combustion.
  • Unburnt Fuel Quantity: There is zero wastage in Pellet burning whereas in briquettes there are high wastage and unburnt particles observed.
  • Manpower cost : The handling is cumbersome in briquettes compared to pellets and briquettes handling need more manpower. Hence pellet handling is a cost advantage proposition.
  • Clinker Formation : In case of pellets there will be no clinker formation, therefore the major problem in briquette firing can be removed in case of pellet firing is adopted for boiler operation.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost : The annual maintenance is much lower compared to briquiette firing as the pellets burning gives fine ash and no clinker ,hence lesser maintenance of the boiler.
  • Specification
Diameter 8 mm
Length 10-20 mm
GCV 4000-4200Kcal/Kg
Moisture Content Less than 12%
Ash Content Less than 7%
Bulk Density 520-550 kg/m3