Industrial Burner Wood Pellet Burner


ACI Clean Energy can provide a total fuel replacement solution to small and medium industrial users through our Industrial wood pellet burner.

Our wood pellet burners range from 2 Lac – 10 Lac Kcal / hr. It uses Nav Tarang pellet fuel, which is fully natural and renewable and can result in significant cost savings over fuels like LPG, Diesel and Furnace oil.

Installing the burner requires no alteration to the existing energy system; we directly replace the existing burner or combustion system with minimum retrofitting to achieve the desired results. Our burners are ideal for steam boilers, hot water boilers, powder coating, heating and drying industries.


  • ACI Clean Energy can also provide the following pellet fired Industrial euqipment:

    • Hot Water Generators
    • Solid Fuel Boilers
    • Thermic Fluid Heaters
    • Powder Coating Ovens
  • Pellet Burner Specifications:

    • Feeding system: Automatic Smart
    • Ignition system: Manual, Automatic
    • Damper adjustment: PLC
    • HStart-stop system: Auto Smart
    • Cylinder combustion chamber cooling mode: Air
    • Combustion chamber temperature: 1700⁰C
    • Output temperature: Maximum 1100⁰C
    • Burner Outer Tube Material: 316 L
    • Burner Body: Carbon steel painted.
  • Benefits to user:

    • Savings of at least 30% on your current fuel expense.
    • ACI Green Energy pellet fuel is made of biomass and wood waste and is a environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels
    • Reliable supply of pellets, we have production capacity of over 100 M/T daily and can supply pellets on weekly basis, minimizing your storage requirement.
    • Consistent quality of pellets under defined parameters for GCV, Ash Content and Moisture.
    • Nominal installation fees.
    • Our technical team will take care of the entire installation and give the necessary training to your employees.
    • Our service and maintenance team will be available for assistance at all times after installation of equipment.